Coastal Cleanse Hand Sanitizer is exclusively manufactured by an award-winning distillery using food-grade ethanol

Never before has the industry seen such a demand for hand sanitizer products. With that demand some producers have elected to use cheaper alternatives including

"tech-grade" or "fuel-grade" ethanol.

Since becoming an essential service we take enormous pride in creating safe products that will help restart our economy. Our customers now include; care facilities, first responders, financial services and investment firms, film services and movie sets, restaurants, retail stores, spa's, salons, fitness studios, First Nations, construction and engineering firms, trades, oil & gas industry, law firms, freight operators, dental clinics, realtors, property management and one of the largest companies in North America.

It is important to consider how hand sanitizers are being manufactured and the quality of the ingredients that are being used. Readily available sanitizer products could be manufactured using “tech-grade” or “fuel-grade” ethanol that has been linked to studies by Health Canada and the US Food and Drug Administration which suggest concerns of higher concentrations of impurities and carcinogenic compounds. 

Do not make your own hand sanitizer. Health Canada cautions against homemade hand sanitizers as they may present health risks such as skin irritation, increased sensitivity or allergies. Non-approved products may also not be effective for COVID-19 and give people a false sense of security. Health Canada recommends using alcohol-based hand sanitizers that are authorized for sale in Canada.” -BC Center for Disease Control

We are a family owned and operated business working 24/7 producing hand sanitizer to meet the needs of our community and beyond.  We service Canada and have all approvals for export to the United States. We currently have inventory of over 40,000 units of 500mL hand sanitizers with zero-waste spray caps available for sale.


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Coastal Cleanse made by Stealth Distilleries in North Vancouver, B.C.